How to bet with Bitcoin on the European Super Cup Final?

Every day there are more and more options for crypto coin users to make use of them. And one of the most popular is using coins like Bitcoin to bet in online casinos. That’s why it’s normal that in front of a sport event as important as the European Super Cup, there are multiple opportunities to bet on the results. That’s why today we’ll explain how to bet with Bitcoin on the final of the European Super Cup with one of the best online casinos: 1xBit.

How to bet with Bitcoin at 1xBit Casino?

Who will win the European Super Cup?
On the European continent there are two soccer competitions that attract the interest of the whole world. The first is, of course, the UEFA Champions League. This is a tournament that brings together the best soccer clubs in Europe, with the participation of major teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, this year’s Champions League champions.

For its part, the second most important tournament in Europe is the UEFA Europe League. This tournament, with a format similar to the Champions League, brings together European clubs that, although they had an outstanding season, did not manage to qualify for the Champions. This is a competition that in the last decade has been dominated by Spanish teams, such as this year’s winner, Sevilla FC.

However, this does not end here. Although Sevilla FC and Bayern Munich are undoubtedly the champions in their respective tournaments, this does not define the European champion. This title is only won by the team that wins the European Super Cup. A game that confronts the champion of the Champions with the one of the Europe League to define the maximum European champion.

Betting with Bitcoin in 1xBit

It is therefore clear why the European Super Cup is attracting the attention of so many soccer fans worldwide. This leads to the fact that the bets around the result of this match are involving thousands of people.

An enthusiasm that is further enhanced by first class virtual casinos such as 1xBit. This allows betting on sports events to be done with Bitcoin. This allows people from all over the world to bet on their favorite team quickly and easily. It also increases the size of the prizes that can be won thanks to betting with crypto currencies.

Thus, at this moment the odds for the European Super Cup final within the 1xBit platform are mostly in favor of Bayern. With 68% of the bettors expecting a victory for the German team, 18% betting on a draw, and only 14% confident of a surprise victory for Sevilla FC.