Bitcoin ASICs and the use of air conditioning

Keeping Bitcoin’s mining ASICs fresh is indispensable, but that doesn’t make the permanent use of air conditioning mandatory.

One of the most common doubts related to Bitcoin mining is about the ways to keep the ASICs at a good temperature. In other words, is the use of air conditioning mandatory? As always, the answer depends on the conditions of the site where the equipment is installed.

Another factor that can help answer this question is the model of the machine in question. There are, in addition, many ways and styles of assembling a farm for the extraction of cryptosystems. The designs depend on whether it is a mega-farm or a quarter of medium or small proportions.

It is important to emphasize that one of the factors that must always be present, is that of a fresh air entrance. The absorption power of the machines‘ fans is generally stronger than the generation power of the air conditioners. This reaffirms the need for an intake of ambient air.

Which are the Bitcoin ASICs that need air conditioning?

It is believed that Bitcoin mining ASICs must be permanently air-conditioned. The truth is that these machines are designed to work at high temperatures, so cold air is not as essential as natural air circulation.

If we take the most popular mining machines, the S9, as an example, these are the most resistant models. They can work under the most adverse conditions and high temperatures. Of course, the life span could be shortened, but irreversible damage could occur only in very extreme cases.

These machines can work perfectly with a temperature of 85°. This means that they are usable in the average Latin American climate. In other words, if the S9 is used on a farm and the temperature of the machines is around 70 to 80 degrees, the use of air conditioning is completely unnecessary.

However, all Bitcoin ASICs have different capacities and some are more delicate than others and require better treatment. In that sense, the computers with more computing power should have a lower temperature.

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Air circulation

As noted above, air circulation from the outside to the inside of the farm is a critical factor for mining machines. At the same time, the same can be said of the extraction of hot air to the outside, so that it does not recirculate back into the machines.

Preventing the latter from happening is, in general, more important than adapting the air conditioning. A more efficient mining farm could be one that separates the ambient air from the hot air, making it impossible for the latter to return to the front fans of Bitcoin mining ASICs.

With an open air intake, which goes directly to the front fans, the equipment would work at a stable temperature. In countries with a cool climate, conditions are, of course, radically improved in this way.

The lower use of air conditioning, in short, considerably reduces operating costs. The downside, on the other hand, is the fact that maintenance and cleaning, both of the machines and of the accommodation space, is an obligatory requirement due to the entry of dust and insects.
The Immersion Cooling technique allows Bitcoin mining ASICs to stay cool without the need for air conditioning.

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Immersion cooling

Another way to keep ASICs fresh is what is known as Bitcoin mining by immersion or Immersion Cooling. This is an unconventional technique in which mining equipment is immersed in non-conductive liquid or dielectric oil.

In this way, with the help of some instruments such as ponds or pumps, the mineral oil keeps the machines cold. So far, there are no known defects in this technique. On the contrary, the advantages seem to be extraordinary.

First of all, with Immersion Cooling, the machine’s fans become unnecessary, reducing energy consumption. The technique allows the ASICs to be kept at an average temperature of 40°, which considerably improves the computing power of Bitcoin mining equipment.

At the same time, it keeps them dust-free, i.e. absolutely clean, which extends the life span to a maximum. Under this scenario, the costs of air-conditioning cooling and